We all need time to recharge. Some are better than others at allotting specific time to rest. Optimal performance can be as much about how you rest as how you're active. We all strive to have a life that's filled with happiness and to do work that keeps us fulfilled. 

I think some of us consider down time all wrong. Most tend to believe that when resting we should have nothing else to do but lounge and relax.

While ultra-down time like this certainly has it's merits I believe it's flawed. 

Finding down time during your work week as an entrepreneur/business owner can be the difference between creating a successful business, or full on burning out. 

It's crucial that you know what you're doing with your evenings and weekends before they begin.

Especially when we're surrounded with so many distractions. Social media etc. Mindless web browsing, or channel surfing may feel like down time, but it's doing more harm then good. 

For me, specific actions with specific goals to fill my time help me to recharge most effectively. For example, I know that on most weekdays I'll be in my CrossFit gym.

For that one hour, I have nothing distracting me. I'm having fun with my friends, keeping my body healthy and removing myself from the stresses of running a business.  

Before I had that hour specifically scheduled, I would find myself floundering. It wasn't enough to just have down time. I had to schedule an activity I knew I would enjoy and would benefit my mind and body to fully relax. 

So if you schedule daily time to read or book, or (like I do) listen to audio books, you'll be less likely to get distracted by your smart phone or computer. 

Now you may be worrying that adding structure to your relaxation sounds nothing like relaxation at all.

I disagree. Your mental faculties want change. Not rest. Except when your body needs sleep.

If you give your mind something meaningful to do, like CrossFit, reading, rock climbing etc. You'll end the day more fulfilled.  If you engage in unstructured "leisure" activity like web, or channel surfing you'll end your day feeling more stressed then when you began.  

Give your brain a quality alternative like reading, or exercise. You'll experience what it means to live and not just exist. If you're a knowledge worker, you need to sharpen your tools. Meaning you need to take care of your brain. 

So get that much needed down time, but make sure you have something constructive planned.