I'm fed up with sweeping generalizations. I'm fed up with stereotypes. I'm fed up with finger pointing and blaming. Stop it.

Millennials haven't killed your business, altered your happiness at work, or caused you to lose your job. Their tastes, culture, and upbringing aren't the cause of the world's problems. They're not ruining the economy because they were given a participation trophy when they were eight.

They are also not the first generation to be misunderstood by the proceeding generations.

Baby Boomers:

Did you forget that they called you hippie longhairs? Did you forget the look on your parent's disgusted faces when they spoke about the Rolling Stones?

You've forgotten, haven't you?

Generation Xers:

Did you forget that boomers resented you? Did you forget they called us slackers? Did you forget the look on your parent's disgusted faces when they spoke about Guns & Roses? Did you forget that we were the first entitled generation long before Millennials hit the scene?

You've forgotten, haven't you?


Wait for it. You're going be tempted to spit vitriol to the Generation Z creeping through middle and high school right now.

They're coming for your jobs. They're going to mock Snapchat, your silly APPS, and your entitlement.

Or you can stop it.

Stop the divisive garbage. Stop thinking it's them against us. It's not. Millennials came of age when technology documented their youth. So their youthful indiscretions have lived in perpetuity.

You're lucky. Your youthful missteps have dissolved into the blur of your flawed and self-serving memory.

  • Every single generation was young, cocky, naive, and entitled.
  • Every single generation was too cocksure at their first job.
  • Every single generation was (at some point) all of the stereotypical bad things that we say millennial are.


My wonderful, uplifting, hard working, reverential, and amazing colleagues, peers, employees, partners and friends span generations. Because good people find good people.

No matter their age.

Piling up on a generation is divisive and counterproductive. Sweeping generalities about a whole generation of people makes you sound small-minded and petty.

Grow up.