You know you have it in you. So why have you been putting it off for so long? Your colleagues have written books. Why not you?

Maybe you're a chronic procrastinator? Or maybe you just can't find the motivation? Or maybe, just maybe're scared.

I get it. It scared me to write my first book. Rightfully so. I wrote it from 8pm to 1am every night for ten months. It was torture. I had no idea how to create a book, but I knew that I had revolutionary ideas. I needed to get my ideas out to the world. It was brutal, but I did it.

The book helped. I went from begging people to speak at their events, to getting paid to speak at events I used to attend. I made television appearances, and the new clients came pouring in.

The premise of another book had me freaking out. That is, until I heard Tucker Max on James Altucher's podcast.

At the time of the podcast, Tucker had just launched a company called Book in a Box. He explained that he created Book in a Box to "help executives create the book they've always dreamed about."

I thought - here is my solution! I realized that I didn't have to toil away alone on an island. I could have a team of editors and professionals helping me mold and share my ideas.

Soon after, I used Book in a Box to write my most recent book, Remarkable You: Build a Personal Brand and Take Charge of Your Career. It was a smashing success. Not only in sales, but in paid speaking gigs, reputation, and new clients.

The process (for me) was so smooth that it felt like magic. Really. It was the same feeling I get when I plug a new iPhone in. It just worked. Book in a Box took care of all the arduous steps that had nearly killed me with my first book.

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But is it right for you?

Last week I sat down with Tucker to ask him about the power of Book in a Box, and why he felt that most executives should (at some point) write a book.

Tucker explained that "most of what humans know is tacit knowledge." For example "Google tells me where all the Tai restaurants are, but it doesn't tell me how to run a restaurant."

Tucker feels that people who have wisdom (how to run a restaurant) like many of his clients "owe it to the world to share their wisdom." Stating that "everyone shouldn't write a book, but those with wisdom to share, should certainly consider it."

I pushed Tucker to help further clarify why a book is important for certain executives. He explained that writing a book "get's attention. It brings people to you."

He continued on saying "you are lucky if you mentor 20 people in your life. Now you can potentially mentor 20 million." This struck a chord in me.

So I dug a bit further on the mentorship premise. Tucker shared what is at the fulcrum of why every executive should write a book, stating "writing a book means you're helping yourself and you're helping others."

Now that's an idea I can get behind.

So why don't more people write a book? Tucker explained The main reason why people don't write a book is fear. "They're concerned that their book won't be good and they will be embarrassed."

My take?

Book in a Box ensures that your book won't stink, and you won't look ridiculous. You most likely won't make millions on the sales of the book, but you will get attention and position yourself as a thought leader. Worth every penny.

What do you think?