The most successful people in all professions are incredibly passionate about what they do. They don't have a job; they have a passion. Watch this passionate, straight from the heart Academy Award-winning speech by Matthew McConaughey; emulate his passion and delivery in your profession in order to take your business to the next level:


1. Present with passion, right from the heart.

One of the most important skill sets that most business schools don't teach is how to give effective presentations. These are the ones where the presenter is speaking from the heart, with high energy and a lot of passion. Watch Ted Talks or YouTube presentations by Steve Jobs or Marc Benioff or Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama for superb examples of how to present.

2. Less is more.

If you use slides, then each slide needs to have as little information on it as possible. Remember that less is more. You also need to use your hands a lot, make eye contact with everyone in the audience, and use long, pregnant pauses after you say something that is important.

Don't ever present for more than 10 minutes without a video, a funny image, or a break, as we can't pay attention for long periods of time; there is a reason that Ted Talks are less than 15 minutes.

3. Never read a script.

Please don't ever read from a script. Speak right from the heart instead. Storytelling works, especially stories with a hero (your product) and a villain (the competitor's products). Apple is very effective with this; recall the "I am a Mac, and I am a PC" commercials.

The most important speech of the 20th century was by the late, great Ronald Reagan, who went off script and literally changed the world by challenging Gorbachev and saying "Tear down this wall." These four words are also a perfect example of how less is more. These four off-script words changed the world. I get shivers when I watch this unbelievable short presentation; the part of the speech that changed the world is when he went off script: 


Instead of delivering a presentation or a speech, deliver an experience! Make the process incredibly enjoyable and engaging for you and your clients. Speak right from the heart, like Matthew McConaughey, and watch your business take off!