I had a dream that I went to a corporate picnic and I had to tell my kids to please be on their best behavior so it wouldn't limit my career. Actually, this wasn't a dream; it was a nightmare. If I had to create a title for my nightmare, it would be called "Forced Family Fun!"

It doesn't matter how many companies you start in business; all you have to be is right one time. Don't spend the rest your life thinking what could've happened; make it happen starting today.

Many famous people started their business empires out of frustration and failure. Jay-Z couldn't get a record label to sign him, so he started his own record label. Many people don't realize that Bill Gate's first major business venture didn't work out for him. Thomas Edison failed more times than the top 50 entrepreneurs in the world did combined! Perhaps the aforementioned business icons realized that they were in fact creating a new market out of frustration and the hope of having the freedom of living their dreams. 

Starting your own business should not be about money. It should be about passion and freedom. Freedom to live life on your terms. Freedom to never have to answer to anyone ever again. 

Freedom to set your own corporate culture the right way. Freedom to be able to take an entire week off and do charity work if you want to or take your kids to school in the morning and pick them up at night as well. Freedom to spend more time during the week with your parents, significant others and friends that share your core values when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Freedom to know that if you work for yourself, it is the ultimate meritocracy. Freedom to know that there are no limitations anymore on your career. Freedom to know that those that might have thought of you as a threat at your previous company can no longer hold you back. Freedom from all politics. Freedom to create. Freedom to donate. Freedom to be you.          

Here are 8 reasons that you must write that business plan starting tonight so you can live life on your terms:

  1. Freedom to know that working for yourself creates a simple formula so you know how much you are going to be compensated. As a result of the freedom of self employment, you don't have to rely on others stealing your commissions, ideas or your hard work. Corporate politics sucks the life, creativity and freedom out of you.
  2. Freedom to know the rules and set the rules so that you don't have to dance on eggshells and worry if you're overqualified or a threat to others.
  3. Freedom to select your own customers that have the same core values in life that you have.
  4. Freedom to really challenge yourself and compete with yourself and know in your heart that there's no glass ceiling stopping you from progressing.           
  5. Freedom to have the pride and peace of mind knowing that you will never ever ever ever again get out of bed in the morning and tell yourself that you're going to work.
  6. Freedom of expression and the peace of mind knowing that you are allowed to focus on your personal passionate pursuit of happiness.
  7. Freedom to spend your time pursuing your charitable passion so that you can leave the world a better place than when you entered it.
  8. Freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world. In this new digital reality, working abroad is now an option. Heck, go work in Paris or Dubai or Montreal or Rio if you want to.

Please don't put off your entrepreneurship dreams anymore. Start writing your business plan right now so that you can enjoy the freedom to live your dream and to live life on your terms starting today.