We live in interesting times; until recently, it would have been a pipe dream to think that you could work from home, answer to no-one and make ten times your current income doing what you love. This dream has just become a reality for literally anyone that has passion, persistence and is willing to work hard. The American E-Dream is now accessible to the entire world.

Teresa Greenway, online entrepreneur, was in an abusive relationship with 2 children and literally no income when she decided that she was so frustrated that she had to reinvent herself (she had 10 children, but escaped with 2 of them as the rest are grown); Teresa was determined to be a part of the American E-Dream.

How could she live life on her terms without any sellable skills, only a high school education and while being a single mother while providing for a special needs child and her own mother who was dying of congestive heart failure?

Well, Teresa is my hero and an inspiration to us all. She realized that her passion in life is bread! Teresa is passionate about baking bread.

She has increased her monthly income by more than 10 times by teaching thousands of people online all over the world how to bake bread through Udemy! The next time you are frustrated with your profession think of Teresa and her incredible life story.

I spoke with Washington-based Teresa about her incredible, defy the odds success story and I asked her for advice for all potential entrepreneurs that are eager to turn a living nightmare into a living dream. I put my phone on mute; as she spoke as I had tears in my eyes. The soft spoken confident mother, Teresa told me that her secret is:

"Focus on what you can already do. Be passionate. Be relentless. Don't give up. Work hard every day. Passion comes first. When you are passionate everyone gets excited by this and the product sells itself."

I also spoke with another person that makes an incredible living by also teaching online. His name is Rob Percival who was a math teacher and turned his passion for programming into an unbelievable online business. Rob makes more than $2mn per year teaching courses online from his home in Cambridge, England.

Rob also shared his love of teaching and programming and that passion plays a significant part of his success. I asked him if working from home still feels like a job or a passion:

"It's definitely a passion. There are two key differences in teaching from home and teaching online. One  is the scale and the other is the feedback you get from students. You get many tweets and messages that you have actually changed people's lives. You don't get this in a classroom. This feedback indicates that it is all about passion per my students and not a job. Whatever you want to achieve in life, work out what the first step is and take it. At the very least you'll learn something, and with any luck you'll end up one step closer to your dreams.?"

Teresa and Rob have both reached incredible milestones today as Teresa is celebrating her birthday, her one year anniversary of teaching on Udemy and her 6 year anniversary of leaving her abusive husband.  Rob has a significant milestone today as well as he just released his second web development course  proving that if you have passion, persistence and you are willing to work hard then you too can stay home doing what you love and make more than 10 times your annual salary.