My father shared one day that choosing to have a child defies logic. His point was that if you made the Pro/Con list on paper, that the cons would far outweigh the pros if you weighed every line item the same. Choosing to start a company is like choosing to get married or have children--it defies logic. To that end, we all need some assurance that we are not completely crazy and so we look for signs.

If you are reading this, then you are obviously one of those crazy people who are considering starting a business. As you evaluate whether you are ready or not, you might wonder what others who are in a similar position are thinking.

Here are a few, non-standard and maybe even unusual signs that you are ready to make that leap:

  1. You keep an idea journal and you are past page 2,
  2. You read incessantly about startups during every non-working hour,
  3. You network at startup events like a fanboy,
  4. You are always questioning the status quo at work with eye rolls and heavy sighs
  5. You share solutions to perceived problems with everyone to the point of annoying everyone
  6. You live a ramen-noodle existence (avoiding check time and weekends away) so you have cash to cover yourself, "when you are ready",
  7. You have discussed this business passion with your spouse in bed right before/during/after the other passion,
  8. You catch yourself working on the side (and finding more opportunities to create these sides)
  9. You found your tribe of business weirdo's and they replaced your sports weirdo's on Sundays
  10. Your friends are telling you every weekend that you are an idiot if you quit your job as they take on car payments, mortgages and vacations abroad,
  11. You wake up at 4am thinking about your idea . . . again.

Though these are shared with a bit of humor, there are truths hidden in every one of these eleven signs. Strong behavior changes are great indicators that you are ready to embrace a new personal direction.