Some of us are lucky and some are cursed with the idea engine. Are you one of those people? Do you see solutions to problems every day? Do you fancy yourself as an inventor? Do you keep these bottled up inside your head waiting for the perfect moment to go run with that idea? Are you one of these types who never share your idea with anyone for fear of losing control of the idea?

Maybe you are not an entrepreneur--maybe you are just the idea person. If so, you better go find an entrepreneur because no one wants your idea! Ideas are everywhere and you are not alone or unique in the idea-generating club. Turns out that club is pretty darn big. But big surprise for you; the take-an-idea-and-turn-it-into-a-business club is much smaller.

Here are four reasons that no one wants your idea.

Lets start with the easy one. I hope you have heard this clich before but here it goes again. It's not the idea; it's the execution of the idea. There are literally hundreds of small minute decisions that need to be made every day during your startup journey. The most important is the formation of the idea into a product that your buyers actually want to buy. Thus the original idea becomes just a simple starting point and not the end-all.

As one of those entrepreneur types (and sometime idea guy) who has actually built business, I get to choose what idea I get to work on next. Now, I have been brought into companies by investors to take over and I have worked on my own ideas. One thing I know is true - my ideas are better than yours. So given a choice, I choose mine.

The close cousin of the - my ideas are better than your idea - is the basic understanding that the non-idea person has a lot less passion for the idea than you do as the idea person. I have personally felt this as well as witnessed this when I bring in new talent to take over from the founders for my investments. This rarely works at the idea stage and sometimes works when the company is up and running.

Ideas have little to no value. There I said it. Think I am a moron right now? Relax a little--I know there are exceptions. But for the most part there is not a marketplace for ideas. Do a search. Most of the sites want to help you execute your idea or get you to pay for some services to support you on your idea quest.

So, what are you going to do with all your ideas? Keep them locked inside and protected from a world that does not want them? Throw out those thoughts and get your ideas out into the world and maybe just maybe either you or someone you like will offer to take the idea to the next stage.

Published on: Aug 11, 2015
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