I am not smart enough. I don't have any capital. The kids require too much of my time. I am tired. I can't stop watching the Kardashians on TV. There is not enough time. Everyone is better at this than me. I got cut from my high school wrestling team.

Every day you make an excuse why you can't start a company. Every single day you conjure up some reason why you are not ready to make that leap. And that is what separates you from the ones that do.

Great companies are built by people who take extraordinary action. Normal people are not extraordinary. Normal people have good careers. Normal people are great parents. Normal people coach their kid's hockey teams. Normal people have safe mortgages, fashionable clothing and clean, well-maintained cars.

You see there is only one reason why you will fail to start your company, you are afraid. You are afraid of losing something that you value more than the risk of starting your own company. To make the proverbial leap, you must be willing to sacrifice items that will hurt a little or a lot. That is how high this bar is to reach extraordinary.

Starting a company is not a new great job. In fact the job really sucks some days.

Starting a company is not the next step in your career. Want a great career--don't start a company.

Starting a company defies logic. Ask your parents, spouse, or best friend what they think and you most likely will get the safe answer. These people want to protect you from the risk and they will remind you of all the reasons why this wont work. Listen to them and you value their love more than your desire to start the company of your dreams.

Being a startup entrepreneur is a lonely existence where you must sacrifice many of the safe things in life. This year I will reach 2 million lifetime miles on American Airlines. (I also flew United, Southwest and Delta.) Every one of those miles was a mile not spent at home with my family.

To battle your fear, you must re-wire your head and soul to embrace the sacrifices that are required. Some of us are born that way. Some of us need a wiring tweak. Some of you will never re-wire.