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Sometimes, we can't find inspiration within ourselves.

We just don't have it. We're completely out of hope, down on our knees, begging for something, anything to go right.

These are the dangerous moments when we reach for great works of art, such as 100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life.

Too many of these quotes, however, feel familiar. They end up not inspiring us. They end up, in fact, depressing us further.

I am grateful, therefore, that some bright technological spark has come along to create Inspirobot.

This generates never-before-heard quotes that will immediately tear those doldrums from your soul and and lift you up where you belong.

Inspirobot describes itself as "an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence."

Here, then, are 10 randomly generated quotes from this fine artificial intelligence. I feel sure they will help you on your path to success.

1. Understanding what makes you cruel makes you good.

There's some glorious wisdom in this. Examine your worst side. Use it to develop your better instincts.

2. When we can get upset about our guts, we can feel that we are taken care of by our sugar intake.

I have thought about this for some time. I'm not sure I understand it. But I do feel better.

3. What if romances are romances because we're not seeing the bigger picture?

This is wisdom beyond a robot's years. How often is romance real? And how often do we invent it because we're so desperate for it? And once we've invented it, doesn't it help us forget some of the bigger difficulties we should be overcoming?

4. Look down. Or don't.

Too many inspirational quotes tell you what to do. This one actually gives you a choice. You really do have a choice. It's always worth remembering that.

5. The men who seek an audience are also the men who have no idea how to seek death.

Think about it. Or don't you have the courage to?

6. Sunsets should control celebrities.

Imagine, at the end of each day, the sun setting on a celebrity and never allowing him or her to return to the fore. Every famous person would be a one-hit, one-day wonder. Life would surely be more uplifting.

7. Maybe challenges can become sh** if you just listen to your heart.

Oh, everyone loves a challenge, right? Because you're supposed to love a challenge. What if your heart is telling you: "There's no point in this. It's a completely stupid challenge. You have nothing to prove. Try living instead"?

8. Don't rely on your father's cake, just search inward.

You know what this means, don't you? You don't need your psychologist to explain it for you, do you? Do you?

9. Marriage is insane for friends.

This, of course, relies on your interpretation. Is insanity fundamentally a good thing?

10. Clowns become clowns out of pride.

Sometimes, trying to entertain people is the only way to keep hold of your true self. That was deep, wasn't it?

11. With shared estimations come shared masterpieces.

Caring is sharing is genius? Please write 1,000 words on this and email to me by tomorrow morning.

12. Human skins are created to eat your inner child.

Are you thin-skinned? Do you allow the world to force you to grow up? Please stop and consider whether to shed your skin and just be the 4-year-old you really are.

13. Ordering a snail to trap an actor is just as insane to the actor as it is to the snail.

Well, isn't it?

14. Dress too nice. It's ok.

Think not what others think. Think only how you feel. (Hey, I'm getting good at this faux-philosophy thing.)

15. You cannot have comedy without a question.

What does it all mean?

Published on: Jul 4, 2017
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