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Sit back, relax and, wait, what's that coming out of your ears?

A rare occurrence this, surely. Hopefully.

But please imagine how odd it must have been for passengers on this flight to suddenly feel as if they've been cast in a particularly cruel horror movie.

It was, after all, a normal early morning Jet Airways fight from Mumbai to Jaipur in India on Wednesday.

The Boeing 737 began to climb, with 166 passengers on board.

But then, the blood.

It seems, India Today reported, that the crew had forgotten to flick the so-called bleed switch that regulates the cabin pressure.

This meant the pressure was too low. Hence the onset of spurting blood.

I know it was first thing in the morning, but you'd think the crew would remember a fundamental such as ensuring that passengers don't start bleeding from visible orifices.

India's Ministry of Civil Aviation immediately reacted to this troubling incident.

Passengers didn't feel the treatment was immediate.

They said that when the oxygen masks were deployed, there was no announcement about how to use them.

Which seems a touch thoughtless.

For its part, Jet Airways told the Hindustan Times that it "regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests."

I'm not sure I'd call an early-morning ear bleed a mere inconvenience. 

Footage from the airplane, though, does show a sense of apparent calm. Or perhaps it was bemused shock.

It's always worth remembering to do the basics of your job.

They might seem mundane, but they're called basics because fundamentals is a much longer word.

Oh, how do you think the crew felt when the plane landed? And what sorts of conversations might have been had with them and, say, their bosses and the people from the ministry?

I have a feeling that someone might have been shouted at so loud that their ears are, well, not in their finest state.