Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

You never really know who delivers dinner to your house, do you?

Sometimes, they're enormously happy people -- and even happier when you tip them.

Sometimes, the bags beneath their eyes make you wonder why they don't get up until 7 p.m. 

I tip those people every time.

But they're not just delivering food, are they? They, like Flight Attendants and restaurant servers, can be the only faces of an organization many people see.

What they do, therefore, can make an enormous difference.

Which is why a woman in Bacolod City, Philippines was startled at the behavior of her fast food delivery driver.

He works for  Jollibee, a local fast food chain that's very popular, especially in Asia.

Maris Mayol Tian explained on Facebook that the driver was delivering her breakfast. 

Her 92-year-old neighbor saw him arrive and wondered who he was and what he did.

Says Tian: 

So when he told her he delivers food that she would want to order, she proceeds by enumerating her order.

Her order was, so Coconuts reports, spaghetti and macaroni soup.

Oh, I can imagine many a delivery driver would give her the number -- or even a menu from their car -- and be on their way. 

Tian confessed she thought he'd just laugh at her and ignore her request.

Not this man. Tian admits she was stunned at what he did: 

He actually took out his own cellphone, dialed a number, and ordered for her!!!

To some, this might seem a tiny gesture. Inconsequential even.

Yet Tian's story has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Somehow, simple tales of kindness are worth clinging to when the world is riven with insanity.

And somehow, too, this one delivery driver not only changed an existing customer's mind about Jollibee, but also likely acquired a new one.

You see, though many people enjoy Jollibee, there are detractors. Tian was one: 

There was a time when I hated Jollibee's delivery service because they messed up a few times, but now I think I'm going to order more delivery from them.

The delivery driver, Elpegie Palmares Sicor, is a student who's now been interviewed by the media a couple of times.

Her contacted Tian and revealed what happened afterwards. She told Coconuts:

He was praised at work by his manager and his co-workers. He said thank you. He can't explain the feeling, [He's just] very humble.

I wonder how many of Jollibee's customers now ask for him specifically to deliver their food.