Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Recently, Coors tried to ruin my respect for beer.

In its desperation to associate its beer with every possible time of day--or night--the brand suggested its Light beer is the Official Beer of Saturday Morning.

I found this just a few short steps away from declaring your beer the Official Beer of Alcoholics.

(Naturally, some Coors Light enthusiasts disagreed.)

Still, I've been hoping that a beer brand might exhibit a little more enlightenment in the way it approaches customers.

Please welcome, then, the Fargo Brewing Co.

This small North Dakota concern figured it might do something to bring its fellow man together with its fellow animal.

So it began to feature pictures of dogs waiting for adoption. 

No, not in ads but on its cans.

These are no ordinary dogs.

They're mostly so-called one-der dogs.

The 4 Luv of Dog Rescue organization explained to ABC's Good Morning America

They have a difficult time socializing with other dogs and are unable to attend foster events or meet-and-greets.

In essence, then, the brewery is using its cans as an advertising platform for dogs desperate to find a true home.

Of course you'll tell me this is a small regional brewery just trying to do something nice for its community.

Yet for every brand, the way it chooses to advertise says something about who it is and the sort of people behind it.

This week, I've been at Web Summit in Lisbon.

I saw Burger King's Global CMO, Fernando Machado, calmly explaining that when his brand gets involved in social-awareness campaigns--for example, its famous Whopper Neutrality campaign in support of Net Neutrality--it simply asks itself whether the cause is in harmony with the brand's persona. 

More and more consumers these days care not just about a product, but about the ethos of the brand.

Every ad says a little something about who you are.

Just as the Coors ad gave me a certain impression (not so good), so the Fargo dog cans give me another (apogee of decency).

I know which beer I'd choose on a Saturday. Saturday evening, that is.