Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 


We're all going green, right?

In some fast-food restaurants, however, it's worth wondering why.

Please, I'm not against at least attempting to save the world by eating plant-based burgers.

I'm more concerned that these green things are actually not healthier than their meaty counterparts.

Actually, I'm not so concerned about that currently.

Instead, I'm marginally asphyxiated by the actions of a certain manager of a Burger King.

As Ad Age reported, the manager of a Mexico City Burger King noticed that some customers were ordering to enormously substantial King's Collection menu items.

Soon afterwards, they were falling asleep.

You might have sympathy with the bliss of a food coma. 

Then again, this manager explained the phenomenon to one of the co-founders of Burger King's ad agency.

And then, oh.

The ad agency hired a photographer to take pictures of the sleeping beauties for a whole month. 

When they woke up, they were asked: "Hey, you wanna be in Burger King's new ad campaign?"

Subsequently, they signed away their worldwide rights -- for a hopefully decent fee  -- while Burger King turned their pictures into ads with the caption: 

They're that big.

I'm sure many will be entertained, amused and even delighted by the humor.

It's so simple, so brand appropriate and exactly the sort of ad campaign that wins lots of awards -- which is all creative people care about.

Then again.

How good a marketing message is: 

Come to Burger King, stuff your face and knock yourself out.

I know that we in America are so used to the positive glories of excess that we're happy to assume bigger is always better. Even if it kills us.

I worry, though, that these images of the unconscious unconsciously send a message that isn't entirely edifying.