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He wasn't quite a knight in shining armor.

More of a nice man in a pair of jeans and a simple car, I suspect.

But a certain delivery man for the Jimmy John's sandwich chain has become a little hero over the last couple of days.

The story was told on Twitter by Kayla Speer, from West Burlington, Iowa.

She said she'd been dating a man for three months. He lived three hours away and claimed one night to be studying for his finals.

Speer says she thought she'd make a kind gesture and order him a sandwich while he worked.

Was her boyfriend really asleep, I hear you cry.

Well, Speer says he eventually texted back a "thank you."

Things all took a twisted turn when the Jimmy John's delivery man called Speer. 

He asked to confirm that the recipient really was Speer's boyfriend. When she said he was, the delivery man offered some troubling news.

He said he had looked into the boyfriend's house and discovered him at a certain stage of alternative study. Clearly with a woman who wasn't Speer.

Ah, Jimmy John's delivery drivers don't usually peer into people's homes to see what's going on inside? 

This might be a relief to some. 

Of course, for Speer, this delivery driver did absolutely the right thing.

#WWJJD, indeed? What Wouldn't Jimmy John's Do?

This is, indeed, incredible service. 

Although I suspect one or two philosophers -- perhaps the faithless, the untrustworthy and the downright demonic -- might believe the delivery driver should have done his job and not poked his nose into a personal sandwich that might not have been quite what it seemed.

What if Speer and her (now ex-) boyfriend had enjoyed a slightly unconventional, more open sort of relationship? 

What if he was an artist who painted naked women and he and his muse were on a break?

What if this was a case of a married couple going through difficulties? Would Jimmy John's be named in the subsequent divorce proceedings?

Would, say, a restaurant tell a regular customer that her boyfriend had dined there with, oh, another woman?

Was it really the place of the delivery man to get involved? Did the recipient deserve at least a touch of privacy? 

Is Jimmy John's really the Moral Guardian of the Universe?

(Is that really enough questions?)

It's not as if Jimmy John's hasn't been involved in its own little moral controversies in the past.

In customer service, making assumptions carries with it some risks. You can never be entirely sure who your customer is, how they live and what they value. 

Of course, some will suspect this is all an elaborate marketing stunt, concocted to create attention.

Still, for its part Jimmy John's seems to believe the delivery man did the right thing. It's offered to cater Speer's break-up party.

I wonder if the delivery man will be invited. I wonder what his relationship status might be.

Published on: Jun 30, 2018
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