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Some people live long and prosper.

Others do neither.

Science has been groping its way toward an explanation for a long time.

The latest attempt has thrown up a fascinating result.

No, I don't believe it.

Scientists from the University of Rome La Sapienza and University of California San Diego School of Medicine, examined some hardy Italians from the same area, perched between the mountains and the sea in southern Italy.

All had managed to live past 90. 

Was there anything they had in common?

A partiality to Spaghetti Vongole, perhaps? 

How about a penchant toward Nebbiolo? 

The researchers thought that instead of looking at physical attributes, they'd concentrate on mental health.

And what they found was that these survivors had an excellent work ethic and were stubborn as hell.

No, that just can't be true.

Anna Scelzo, first author of the study, put it like this: "The group's love of their land is a common theme and gives them a purpose in life. Most of them are still working in their homes and on the land. They think, 'This is my life and I'm not going to give it up.'"

You might know some people like this. 

It seems, though, that their appreciation of their place in the world encouraged them to be stubborn about not leaving it.

You're not going to persuade me.

Indeed, Scelzo became even more direct in her assessment.

These people, she said, were "domineering, stubborn and needed a sense of control, which can be a desirable trait as they are true to their convictions and care less about what others think."

One quote from a participant in the study was quite moving: "I am always active. I do not know what stress is. Life is what it is and must be faced ... always."

I fear many might mutter: "Easier said than done, you know."

Easier said than done, you know. 

It takes a peculiar belief in one's life and situation not to know what stress is and to always be active. And to be prepared to annoy everyone else with your stubbornness.

I, though, have another theory. 

While there may have been a commonality of stubbornness, I feel sure that there was another aspect that all these people had in common.

Not one of them is on Facebook.

I can believe that.