Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

Yes, if she was sitting next to me, I'd likely ask to be moved, too.

Perhaps you, like almost 3 million other people, were temporarily engrossed by the behavior of a female passenger on a recent United Airlines flight.

She had the misfortune of being placed in a middle seat.

She's filmed talking to -- presumably -- a friend and telling them that "it's just frigging unbelievable."

And then she proceeds to behave unbelievably badly, as she insults the allegedly large people seated on either side.

She calls the two people seated either side of her "pigs."

"Find me a window, get me outta here," she tells a Flight Attendant, with a consummate lack of charm or even decency.

Surely I'm not alone in thinking that the best course would have been for the Flight Attendant to usher her swiftly off the plane.

Ah, but then this was United, so perhaps they're still a little touchy about the Get Off My Plane sort of thing.

Perhaps. This story still has some way to go.

The woman insisted that she eats salad.

It's not for me to ask how much salad, but some might observe it's possible that she grows her own salad in her glass house.

Finally, the passenger in the window seat explains that she's tired of being abused by this woman.

A Flight Attendant then suggests the salad-eater goes to the back of the plane, so that she can be, to use one of United CEO Oscar Munoz's favorite words, re-accommodated.

Meanwhile, other passengers voiced their disgust with the salad-eater. 

In so many such incidents, the attitude of fellow passengers is crucial. They have a good sense of what's happening and where justice might lurk.

Yet, when everyone's stared at the video and offered their own garnish of invective, a couple of essences might have been missed.

The video ends with the woman going off to be re-accommodated.

In fact, she was ultimately removed from the plane. United says she was clearly disruptive and was re-accommodated on a flight the next morning.

Secondly, though it hurts to say, the salad-eater had a point.

This particular United plane was graced with the airline's new slimline seats. 

I had the questionable pleasure of these things on a recent flight in United's Economy Class.

Not only do these seats offer minimal support -- and this, imagine, was a four-hour flight -- they're not exactly graced with width. Which more and more Americans are.

The armrests, too, are literally the width of my two thumbnails.  

It's a painful irony that airlines are shrinking seats as their customers are getting bigger. 

Yes, some say that larger fliers should be made to pay for two seats, not one.

Yet airlines invite more and more confrontations by squeezing more and more people into more and more confined spaces.

Incidents such as this will change nothing, of course.

They'll keep happening. Until one day something severe will occur.

Then airlines will wonder how it could have possibly happened.