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Pain is a vital ingredient in trying to be good.

Yet it seems that after Amazon bought Whole Foods, there's been more than a fair smattering of tears among the supermarket's employees.

Business Insider reports that employees are under enormous stress because of a new inventory management system that's being introduced.

There's no evidence that Amazon was behind it. Equally, there's no evidence that Amazon doesn't love it.

Employees are, so the story goes, being subjected to twice-weekly examinations as to their competence.

"The stress has created such a tense working environment. Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal," one employee told Business Insider.

The company hasn't commented on any of this.

But now it's offered a reaction of sorts. What specific sort of reaction?

Well, it's having a good giggle.

I judge this from a new ad campaign--the first under its Amazonian ownership--that the supermarket has just released.

The ads bathe in a wryness that is so true to the brand and so the opposite of the weeping that's been portrayed.

In some of these ads, the employee is, in fact, the hero. The intellectual hero, for example.

And did you know that bearded Whole Foods employees know how to sniff a pineapple to check how ripe it is? 

Neither did I.

Other ads in the campaign offer sheer whimsy, the sort that you might have previously associated with Whole Foods, but rarely associated with Amazon.

At heart, you see, this is all about making you whole.

Which, some might mumble, is exactly what a few of the Whole Foods employees currently need.

And so we must conclude that Whole Foods took a serious decision.

It thought it best to counter the veil of tears with a cascade of laughter.

Only you can decide if your view of the brand is made whole again.

Only the employees can decide if they're going to laugh along.