Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Are you always snacking at work?

Do you sit in meetings, your stomach rumbling, your head feeling light and your brain zig-zagging between steaming and screaming?

You think you're just hungry, right?

But why are you hungry? What's driving your body to shout at you for more food?

This question isn't as simple as it sounds.

During an idle moment, I stumbled into some interesting suggestions from a couple of experts -- Gabriela Peacock, founder of GP Nutrition, and Shona Wilkinson from Superfooduk.com.

They don't think of hunger in a simplistic way. They delve deeper into what they believe are the root causes.

Here are a few of their suspicions as to why you might be craving food at the office.

1. You're Not Hungry, You're Thirsty.

Apparently, dehydration can make you believe that you need food, when actually all you need is some water. "Before reaching for a snack," they say, "check yourself to see if it's actually thirst. Another sign that it's thirst, not hunger that is driving up your appetite is a darker color of urine." There you have it. Approach this issue with serious science, not Snickers.

2. Breakfast Cereal.

Wait, this fills you up, right? Nutritionists are suspicionists. They say there's too much sugar and carbohydrates in these things. This means they spike your blood sugar temporarily. But then it drops and your stomach starts craving more. So that second bowl of Corn Flakes you eat at the office? Not a good idea.

3. Netflix.

Excuse me? Some people do take their work home with them. Some people work from home. Admit it, you people, sometimes you work and have the TV on. Sometimes, you turn on the TV and take a pause from work. The nutritionists are tut-tutting. "Snacking in front of the television is a common habit, and like many other habits it takes resolve to change for the better." Oh, no. Not that resolve thing. That resolve thing is so hard.

4. Nostalgia.

This one stumped me at first. However, these nutritionists say that you should think back to your childhood. When you cried, did your parents give you a sweet treat? Aha. So when work is getting you down, when deals just aren't happening, when the bank is making those polite-not-polite phone calls, your natural instinct is to cheer yourself up with a bad-for-you snack. Stop it or we'll send you to your room.

5. You're Not Getting Enough Sleep.

It seem that sleep deprivation messes with our appetites. It can put two hormones called leptin and ghrelin out of whack. And you know that when you snack, you tend to reach for things that aren't so good for you. Which puts these two hormones further out of whack. Yes, I know you're just trying to make some quick millions so that you can relax and eat properly again. But you want to still be healthy when you make those millions, no?