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If you were a billionaire, what sort of billionaire would you be?

I fancy I'd lurch toward the reclusive side.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, occasionally drifts toward the swashbuckling part of the spectrum. 

On Sunday, for example, he had to show Twitter what an exciting vacation he was having in the far north of Norway.

There he was, dog sledding above the Arctic Circle, with the dogs doing all the work and Bezos doing a tiny bit of posing.

Yes, he wanted to explain that the Earth is worth preserving. It was Earth Day, after all. 

Yet the vehicle of his expression wasn't globally warming.

Comedian Sarah Silverman, for example, took the opportunity to remind him of some Amazon employees who were likely not dog sledding.

She was referring to a recent study by Policy Matters Ohio that suggested that more than 10 percent of the company's Ohio employees were getting assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Amazon itself admitted last week that the median wage at the company was $28,445 last year.

So Silverman wasn't alone in picking up the theme.

Indeed, one Twitterer offered an accurate portrayal, some might say, of the hypocrisy that makes us all human.

Should, though, billionaires be tweeting their exciting vacations?

I suppose so many look up to them that this sort of thing enhances their image in the eyes of their adorers.

It's but a small step, though, to looking like someone who cares little for his fellow man. 

Especially, as Leona Helmsley once delightfully put it, the little people.

Inequality is a pulsating theme currently.

There's a greater awareness than ever that those who have have far, far more than those who don't. Unreasonably more, some would say.

That's perhaps why more than one Twitterer offered this kind of observation.