Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

Amazon has generally masqueraded as a customer-focused company.

It's generally succeeded in this area, by ensuring its promises are kept.

We've all become used to the special benefits of Amazon Prime, which feeds our minds with streaming video and our laziness with two-day delivery.

Of late, though, Amazon Prime has become a touch tainted.

Personally, I've been annoyed beyond snorting at the company pushing its Whole Foods subsidiary through its Prime network.

I've received so many mindless emails about it that I had to write about it sniffily.

Then there's the promised two-day delivery window.

My own experience is that it's been slipping a touch. Somehow, two days can become three or even more.

Which is why during Thursday's earnings call, one little announcement made my eyebrows perk up.

The company's finance chief Brian Olsavsky calmly declared that the company is spending $800 million just in this quarter to turn the two-day promise into a one-day promise.

Amazon Prime with one-day shipping has a faintly irresistible tinge to it.

One imagines this is a reaction to the likes of Walmart which, though first spooked at Amazon's incursion into, well, everything, began to leverage many of its built-in advantages to fight back on shipping, pick-up and many other areas.

But if Amazon can actually deliver nationwide on one-day shipping, it'll change the tenor of the competition yet again.

Olsavsky explained that Amazon's capacity to meet this new goal will be building throughout the year.

Perhaps, then, not every Prime member will see the benefit immediately.

I can't help thinking, though, that many will exalt, as the two-day shipping feature is likely the most popular part of the Prime offering. Promising one-day shipping is a way to secure Prime members, in the same way that offering Whole Foods discounts hasn't.

I'll only offer one tiny thought of caution.

When the Prime fee comes up for renewal, might it rise just a little? 

Would you be surprised? I wouldn't. After all, it went up $20 this year and what did you get for that?