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There have already been more twists and turns than in the average day on Twitter.

Many think they know where Amazon's second headquarters will finally be perched.

The company itself, however, is known for being famously recondite about, well, almost anything to do with Amazon. 

It's hardly, then, going to offer clues as to its so-called HQ2.

Regular readers -- bless you for that -- may know that I've resorted to rigorously following the betting on this subject at Irish bookmaker Paddy Power.

It's been a joyous exercise.

First, Atlanta and Austin were the clear favorites

Then Atlanta broke out on its own.

Then Austin came back.

As time went by, suddenly Dublin leaped in the betting. And then disappeared entirely.

I must report, however, that today I've noticed yet another dramatic change.

For Atlanta and Austin have been joined by a third city at 3/1.

I hear you sniff that it must be New York, which one celebrated marketing expert insists is the actual lock to house HQ2. 

Sadly, not. America's loudest city remains at 14/1.

Instead, it's Boston that has joined Atlanta and Austin in the betting public's minds. 

Might it be that Amazon sees Boston as a sort of Seattle-type east coast enclave, better suited to the company's purpose than the sheer claustrophobic vastness of New York?

Boston had previously been quietly fancied at 7/1.

Now, however, there's a vast gap between the three at the top and all the remaining cities.

The next challengers are at 14/1.

Please, this is only betting. One cannot possibly be sure that the money suddenly going on Boston is informed money. 

But with Amazon only declaring that it will make its announcement some time this year, what is one supposed to do? 

Speculate, of course.