Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

If Jeff Bezos were your local shopkeeper, would there be anything you wouldn't buy from him?

He's already been so good in stocking the things you need and getting them to you quickly.

His prices are remarkably good.

Hey, he even carries them home for you.

But what wouldn't you buy from him? A used car, perhaps? Maybe a self-assembled private plane?

How about a bra and panties?

It appears, according to The Wall Street Journal, that Amazon is getting into sexy. It wants to sell you a $10 bra.

The company has already been selling cheap lingerie in Europe. It doesn't, though, call them Amazon Bras. Or even Amazon's Secret.

Instead, it uses the slightly more coy brand name Iris and Lilly.

I can find no evidence that Iris and Lilly are, in fact, two former Victoria's Secret models who have ceased dating portly actors and decided to branch out with their own money-making scheme.

Still, perusing Amazon's UK website shows me that Iris and Lilly sells things for a mere 1 pound and 99 pence (around $2.50).

Actually, I don't mean things. I mean thongs.

I'm assuming this is quite a bargain and with people getting more used to buying clothing online it's surely natural for Amazon to do what it does best -- gorge on other retailers' margins by sacrificing its own.

The Journal suggests that Amazon is getting into bras now because there's a current penchant for sports bras and bralettes, which are easier to size than the more ornate affairs.

I suspect it's more likely that Bezos wakes up every morning, looks around the world, and decides where he's going to direct his painfully disruptive tentacles.

That, to Bezos, is the sexiest thing of all. Whatever turns you on, I suppose.