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How many hours can you bear in Economy Class?

Two? Three? 

Before your knees begin to creak, your buttocks begin to whine, and your inner voice begins to scream to the Gods for mercy.

On longer flights, you might be tempted to at least book seats with a little more legroom.

Main Cabin Select on Virgin America. Or Main Cabin Extra, as it's called on American.

The trouble is that sometimes you'll get to your seat and a nefarious character from the back has already nabbed the overhead bin space.

Flying tends to bring out the unscrupulous nature in so many. 

Some passengers will carry on too much and they shove it in First Class bins or anywhere else they can find space.

So American Airlines has decided to do something about it. You must decide whether it's doing enough.

For, as the Forward Cabin reports, the airline is going to label the Main Cabin Extra overhead bins with placards that insist they are exclusive to passengers in that class.

Will this incite guilt in those who would otherwise steal these bins for themselves, even if they're in plain old drab Economy?

You'd think it might.

I think it won't. 

You see, there's a small catch.

The memo sent to flight attendants announcing this brave new move had a little kink: "Flight attendants are not responsible for monitoring the MCE overhead bins."

For once, flight attendants will not be asked to play police officers.

This means the labeling is a little like those illuminated signs on roads that tell you your speed and flash at you if you're even 1 mph over the limit.

Ultimately, there's nothing they can actually do.

American Main Cabin Extra passengers will, therefore, now see just how honest and law-abiding their fellow passengers in lesser classes are.

It's a marvelous social experiment, one that is sure to lead to no friction whatsoever.

Nevertheless, should you still find yourself frustrated because there's no bin space in your exclusive Main Cabin Extra overhead bin, American is offering a soothing balm.

Yes, Main Cabin Extra passengers will now get free beer, wine, and spirits.