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When you're flying a long way, you're only too grateful to get to the other end.

Your hopes for getting wonderful food on the way aren't entirely high.

You also know, though, that human beings make a mess.

No, I'm not talking about the mess they make of running airlines.

I'm talking about Economy Class passengers not having enough room, so the bits and pieces of their meals can get strewn around.

Which is why American Airlines has come up with a revolutionary way to serve breakfast on its international Boeing 757 flights. (No 757 should fly internationally, but that's just a personal opinion.)

The airline isn't going to serve the food on gilded trays or bright blue trays made from recycled iPhone 5C's.

Neither will it use boxes that are awkward to put back on the carts.

Instead, you're going to get a brown paper bag.

I know, I know.

For some people, the reaction will be negative. 

However, as View From The Wing reports, American says it's had a positive reaction so far.

I confess I find it rather charming.

Brown paper bags, to me, are reminiscent of New York takeouts and, oddly, a certain perennial sense of understated class.

(Oh, if only American had something called Understated Class. I'd fly in that every time.)

And when you're done, they're so much easier to crumple up and discard.

Then again, I have a slightly excessive faith in simple, practical bags. 

The plastic bag, for example, has always struck me as one of life's essentials.

Yes, I know it's destroying the world, but there's always so much you can slip inside it and slide underneath the seat in front when you're flying in Economy Class.

So breakfast out of a paper bag? Yes, just like Peet's at San Francisco Airport.

I'm all for it.

Published on: Mar 5, 2018
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