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Airlines have become very keen on their rules in the last few years.

Some failed to realize that this might irritate, oh, customers

Especially when cabin crew were encouraged to behave more like law enforcers than anything resembling customer service types.

At times, you might even think that some airlines selected their employees on the basis of their humorlessness. 

One of those airlines, at least in some people's eyes, is American Airlines.

Yet here is an American Airlines pilot who decided, just for one day, to offer a different sort of uplift.

The unnamed pilot was captured at LAX by the noted ironman, feminist, British Airways ambassador and pilot who goes by Jonny The Pilot.

There was the American Airlines captain going through security, ready to get on his flight.

And there was everyone staring at him because he was wearing a beautifully sculpted pink suit.

Jonny the Pilot quoted his American Airlines counterpart as saying "What are they going to do, fire me?

Unlikely, as this was the pilot's last day.

I fear one or two people might wonder whether the pink suit is better for the pilot anyway, as American has struggled with many of its staff complaining that their uniforms are toxic.

I, though, wonder whether American staff might be allowed more often to show their more, well, human side.

Preferably before their last day, that is.

Of all the major airlines, American seems to struggle the most with the more touchy-feely side of humanity.

Yet look, for example, at how animated the faces of the TSA staff are as they gaze at the pilot's garb. 

Yes, security is important, but making people feel good when they fly with you doesn't hurt.

Published on: Dec 11, 2018
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