Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

This won't hurt a bit.

It'll just feel uncomfortable for a while and then you'll persuade yourself it's the new normal.

You see, Delta Air Lines has just decided to eliminate another archaic concept that passengers might have appreciated.

You won't be able to enjoy a free checked bag on flights to Europe. 

Instead, that'll be $60, please. 

As One Mile At A Time reports, this fine imposition is being exclusively placed on those who book in Sub-Cattle Class. 

Or, as Delta prefers to call it, Basic Economy. 

Yes, the lovable -- and allegedly cheaper -- fare that doesn't allow you to book a seat in advance, doesn't offer refunds, doesn't allow you to change the flight and doesn't let you upgrade.

So to make the experience more complete, it now comes with a checked baggage fee of $60 for the first bag and $100 for the second.

And to think it was only yesterday that I was celebrating the arrival of Sub-Cattle Class on some American flights to Mexico and the Caribbean.

As I may have mentioned before, the whole point of Sub-Cattle Class is to get you to despise the concept so much that you're prepared to pay more for a Standard Economy Class ticket. 

You know, the one you used to think of as merely Economy Class.

Who would be surprised if American and United followed suit with this descent into Hell, No?

And would you believe it, but Air France and KLM have already followed suit

Except their Sub-Cattle Class is called, oh, Light.

How odd that they didn't decide to call it the Pit of Darkness.