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It used to be that there were five different dances.

The quickstep, the cha-cha, the tango, the waltz and the paso doble.

At least that's how I think of the different methods that the Transportation Security Administration used to employ to check your body out and pat it down, as you passed through airport security.

The agent would choose how aggressive to be, presumably on the basis of how suspicious you looked.

Those good old days are gone.

As Bloomberg reports, the TSA has decided it's been too nice. It's going for a one universal pat-down procedure. It's the aggressive, paso doble-style.

The consequence for you and me is that this may involve "an officer making more intimate contact than before."

Why might this be occurring? The TSA staff had apparently allowed too many guns and dangerous objects to go through undetected.

There's more and it's also not good.

Now, those regular passengers who were allowed to go through the TSA Pre lanes, especially during peak times, will have to be screened with everyone else.

Which is a pity, as having been through these lanes many times, it makes the traveling experience so much more pleasant.

Of course one can understand that security is important, even though some have cast suspicions on whether the TSA's body scanners are as effective as they might be.

There are no definitive figures as to how many people are detained for pat-downs on a daily basis.

As I travel, I regularly see it happen and it's even happened to me once or twice.

For travelers, there's only one conclusion: flying will become even more unpleasant, even more uncomfortable. What's unknown still is how uncomfortable. Will agents now have carte-blanche to examine, touch and press your privates, for example?

I've asked the TSA to ask and will update, should I hear.

Recently, CNN political commentator Angela Rye posted a video showing an especially unpleasant TSA pat-down (video above).

Is this what awaits us all?