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The only time going through airport security is enjoyable is when you have TSA-Pre and there's no line.

Many debate how effective airport security is. Some wonder how much attention TSA employees actually pay. 

It's hard, indeed, when your job involves a lot of repetition -- and quite a number of surly customers -- to pay attention at all times.

Yet the Transport Security Administration just released a video from Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport that shows one of its employees expedite his thinking process and his gait.

As a bag rolls along the X-ray screening belt, it begins to smoke.

A TSA agent and a couple of passengers notice, but their reaction is to step back.

It's an understandable response.

However, another TSA agent -- Darrell Wade -- calmly walks over to the bag, picks it up and walks away with it.

Soon, he's jogging, trying to take the bag to, presumably, a safer place.

WSB-TV reports that Wade carried the bag away to avoid injury to others and to ensure that the security equipment wouldn't be damaged.

As has occurred more than once during air travel over the last few years, the culprit was a battery.

In this case, it was a battery used to charge a vape.

What, though, if it wasn't merely a smoking battery? Wasn't the agent taking something of a risk?

Still, presence of mind is an elusive quality. 

You can try to teach it, but it requires at least some human instincts.

Wade's instincts seem to have been correct. 

I wonder how the vaper felt about it all. Sadly, the cameras don't appear to have captured them. 

Or, just as sadly, the TSA didn't release footage of them.

Published on: Aug 11, 2018
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