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I confess I've never owned a BMW.

One of the main reasons is, well, the people who own a BMW.

Somehow, I've had too many encounters with BMW drivers who teeter toward sanctimony.

That isn't to suggest that the cars aren't t well-made, even occasionally iconic.

Yet today the German automaker revealed something that might upset even the least sanctimonious of its customers.

It revealed that it's changing the grille on at least one of its cars -- the iX3 EV concept car.

Please, take a look if you dare.

From the traditional kidney shape to, well, what is that? 

A pair of early Warby Parker shades?

The grille of a thousand cars you've seen before, but were so memorable that you can't quite remember which ones they were?

Wait, that's the grille from a Kia Stinger, isn't it?

It's true that BMW has messed around a little with the grille of late. The X7 Concept altered its proportions.

But this iX3 is where heresy and blasphemy meet in an underground casino and decide to rob it of its good taste.

At least, that's how I suspect one or two BMW fanpersons may see it.

Change is rarely easy to manage.

Especially if you're in charge of a brand that one or two people might feel bathes in glorious helpings of arrogance.

It's all very well to tweet "something exciting is coming."

It's quite another when, next week in Beijing, the steely eyes of critics will be appraising what you think is your daring and they might think is your glaring lack of imagination.

With many a design tweak, customers get used to it. 

They forget quickly because they're so bombarded with stimuli all the time.

There is, though, sometimes a transition period -- one during which invective is freely tossed and even Twitter can blush at the coarseness of the language.

Those who adore BMW can be particularly unforgiving creatures. 

What will they think -- and say -- when the full car is revealed? 

I fear it may not be pretty.