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How do you attract potential new employees when the job isn't quite the most stimulating in the world?

Do you trumpet your corporate values and the perks that come with them?

Burger King decided to plow a different furrow, one that might make quite a few foreheads furrow with discomfort.

The burger chain's German arm just released a recruitment campaign that shows young people playing with fire.

And when I say playing, I mean, you know, fire-breathing, tossing fireworks at a soccer match or, oh, throwing firebombs during a protest. 

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It's quite illuminating thinking. 

When you think about whom the company is trying to attract, it's likely young people whose sense of outrage and anti-establishmentarianism is rather strong.

Let's face it, it's not as if young people are breaking down Burger King's doors, desperate to flip their lives toward an upward path.

And if your point of difference is flame-grilling, why not use it in this imaginative way?

The campaign's creators told AdFreak that the images are deliberately provocative. 

No! Really?

You mean you can provoke young people into reacting?

And there I was thinking they were passive humans, allowing their Earth to be destroyed before their very eyes and being unprepared to do anything about it.