Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

There are days when work is hard.

It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur or an employee. 

You're still a human being and you still have emotions, moods and distractions.

Sometimes, though, it's worth wondering whether you should go outside of yourself for just a little while and try to please someone else.

It could be a co-worker or an employee. Or even a customer.

That seems to have been the thought-process of Luu Vailuu, a 23-year-old Hawaiian Airlines baggage handler.

His shift was nearing its end. Why not, then, go out with a little joyous glory?

And so it was that he performed a dance routine on the tarmac, while passengers filmed with glee.

You might decide what song was in his head as he danced.

I had just finished loading the plane and it was my last plane before I got off I was like, I might as well!

Clearly, passengers loved it. Tiffany Gataniss wasn't the only one to enjoy Vailuu's send-off.

The real point of such performances is, though, a simple one.

Flying isn't always so much fun.

Any employee who goes out of their way to make passengers feel better is an employee worth keeping and promoting.

Whether it be former Virgin America Flight Attendant Mikey Tongko-Burry with his in-plane dance routines or Southwest Airlines operations agent Scott Wirt with his singing, these people have singularly good intentions.

Perhaps in your business, such behavior isn't so easy.

Perhaps in your insurance company singing to clients isn't de rigueur. 

Spontaneous surprise -- of whatever kind -- is still often much appreciated by so many.

Remember, other people may be having a hard day, too. 

You might have the power to make them feel a little better. 

It might even get you some business, while you're at it.