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Sometimes, it's just nice to be asked.

Airlines seem to do far less of that than they do telling. Forcefully, on occasion.

For quite a while now, it's seemed clear that certain airlines are prepared to do more asking than others.

JetBlue, Southwest and even Delta often give the impression they're interested in what their customers think. And feel.

While a couple of the other large ones -- well, there are only two more -- lag a little in this area.

This week, for example, Delta did something so small, yet so oddly thoughtful.

It dipped onto Twitter and asked its customers what Holiday movie they'd like to see on planes this year.

The winner would appear on the airline's free inflight entertainment system, Delta Studio.

The choices were, well, a touch odd. 

Elf, New Year's Eve, Home Alone or,um, Die Hard

I had no idea Die Hard, a movie about a terrorist attack during the Holidays, was such a Christmas favorite.

I suppose not every family gathering at Holiday time is the same.

Still, Delta's gesture is such a simple little thing

Here, though, is what surprised me most. 

I'd have imagined that a few thousand people might participate in this frippery.

Instead, at the time of writing, this little poll has enjoyed more than 123,000 votes. That's almost 10 percent of all Delta's Twitter followers. 

Delta has worked hard to create a brand atmosphere which has a little customer service attached. This sort of thing is the result.

Oddly, Delta actually has fewer Twitter followers than American, yet it managed to inspire so many to participate in something so small.

For its part, American recently touted its own inflight entertainment on Twitter.

Who doesn't want an at-home, living room experience in a tiny Economy Class seat? Sprawl out and enjoy!

This tweet received relatively few likes and retweets.

Yet one of the first replies it got was a picture from a passenger who didn't have the chance to enjoy any sort of entertainment, either on a seatback screen or by placing her iPad on American's new iPad holders featured in the airline's tweet.

To make people feel good, you have to think things through.

And, of course, to want them to feel good.

It's just like a good Holiday movie really.

Published on: Oct 10, 2018