Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

One day, you'll be treated this way.

One day, you'll be so surprised at how an airline treats you that your eyes will disappear into your forehead, while your limbs each perform their own personal Macarena.

Until then, please enjoy this small and delightful tale of Delta Air Lines being witty.

One of Delta's more celebrated and regular passengers, T-Pain, was experiencing unusual discomfort.

The cause was, well Delta Air Lines. 

Last month, taking to the people's Forum of Frankness -- Twitter -- T-Pain plaintively hummed

@Delta we gotta change these boarding/taxiing songs more often guys. All of Us Million milers (quick brag) have to hear these same joints multiple times a day. I gotta go perform in the staples center in a minute and Adele just put me in the weirdest mood. Now I'm crying. Thanx. 

Adele can do that to people. I think she quite enjoys it.

Oddly, Delta's Twitter team went all Wendy's and decided to play along. Or rather hum along

Our boarding/taxing songs are intended to provide a relaxing experience. Can you imagine what would ensue if we played "buy u a drank" (a personal fave), with everyone snappin' their fingers and what not? We'd never get anywhere on time. Necessary sacrifices, Mr. Pain.

Oh, that was good. 

There was more. Last weekend, T- (I'm on first-name terms) landed at Atlanta airport on another Delta flight.

Someone suggested he remove his protective headphones.

What happened next moved him so much that he rose to Instagram to explain: 

@delta decided they wanna show out and starts blastin 'Buy u a drank' over the speakers in the plane. Not gon lie it felt pretty damn cool. Made me chuckle like a lil girl shit was wild loud too. Big thank you to @delta and the super solid flight attendants for getting the flight lit @delta I see what you mean. I didn't wanna get off the plane. Solid facts. 

What a wonderful way to assuage the pain.

What a beautiful way to garner some positive hum.

And did you see the Flight Attendant getting it on down?

If only every passenger could feel this good.