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Perhaps you've noticed. 

Or perhaps you assumed it was always the case.

No, I'm talking talking about rampant world insanity. Not today, at least.

I'm talking about Domino's becoming the world's biggest pizza seller.

Or, as its fourth-quarter earnings release termed it: "The largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales."

Which might make one or two people wonder: "Whatever happened to Pizza Hut?" 

Well, as I mentioned last year, the Yum Brands-owned chain, the one you feel like you (used to) see everywhere -- it still has more locations -- fell behind in one crucial area.

It didn't observe carefully enough how people had begun to live.

For Domino's, this meant investing heavily in digital and delivery. 

Which has now led Domino's to enjoy $12.2 billion in global sales for 2017, compared to Pizza Hut's $12.03 billion.

Oh, I hear your groan, mobile and all that can't have made such a big difference.

Well, Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle told Bloomberg that digital accounts for more than 60 percent of its sales.

"The percentage of those is less important than what you do with those customers. So if you do have a great analytics group, which we do, you're finding ways to drive more sales from those customers once they've signed up," he explained.

I contacted Pizza Hut for its view of this apparent descent from the throne.

I'll update, should a reply be delivered.

For Doyle, however, it's simple: "We're really the original disruptors in this space. We've been doing digital and delivery for a very long time now and we've gotten pretty good at it."

It's one thing to decide you're going to disrupt.

So many shaving-free boys in Silicon Valley think they're doing this every day.

Few, though, consider real people and what they want and how they prefer to interact with a business.

Then again, they do say pride comes before a descent into pain, penury and despair. (At least, they do at my house.)

So all this apparently good news was tempered somewhat by Domino's missing its fourth-quarter estimates.

Moreover, there are rumors that Restaurant Brands International may be trying to buy it.

You don't know the name? They own Burger King.

If you're a disruptor, you see, you can't have it your own way for very long.