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What would you have done?

You're walking along the road, minding your own business.

Then you espy a car whose interior has seen better days. Tidier days.

You peer inside and see a paper coffee cup full of cigarette ends.

You see receipts strewn about.

You see, in fact, a display of such detritus that, for a moment, you wonder whether it's a piece of modern art.

Well, I'd wonder that.

In this case, the car belonged to a Domino's delivery driver.

And the passer-by, Hannah King, was so appalled that she contacted Domino's.

Yes, even though she hadn't ordered a pizza.

Most will find this public-spirited. One or two, I fancy, might simply find it nosy.

The result, however, as Somerset Live reports, is that the driver was suspended.

The action occurred in Taunton, England. And King described the mess as "vile."

"I am just shocked that someone, let alone a food delivery driver, could let their car get to that state," she said. "It's vile inside and I can't imagine the germs festering in there while food is being transported."

For its part, Domino's took action. 

"Our delivery drivers are expected to maintain a high level of vehicle cleanliness at all times, and whilst an isolated incident, this is clearly wholly unacceptable," said a spokeswoman, with a nuanced use of the word whilst.

"The colleague concerned has been suspended with immediate effect pending an investigation and we've been in touch with Ms King to offer our apologies, which she has accepted," she added.

It's fascinating that a non-customer would feel so aggrieved on behalf of actual customers that she wanted to take the matter to such lengths.

You might imagine that actual customers might have noticed the car's state, too.

Indeed, there's a suggestion that the delivery driver maintained his car like this for some time.

King said her partner had seen the car in this state two years ago.

It all makes me think about those trucks you see on highways. The ones that have "How Am I Driving?" stickers and a phone number.

I wonder how many people actually call and say: "Hey, I just wanted to tell you that the truck in front of me has a great driver."

Published on: Mar 9, 2018
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