Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

He's been promising to bore holes underneath the ground to alleviate LA traffic.

Now Elon Musk wants to bore holes in your head.


As the Wall Street Journal reports, the Tesla CEO's latest venture is a company called Neuralink Corp.

This involves opening up your brain and shoving a chip inside it.

Just so that Google cam pump better ads in there, you understand.

Naturally, I jest. But only in that way that says: "You know this is the future, don't you?"

Because this neural lace implant is designed to allow uploads into your head and downloads out of it.

Oddly enough, there are those at Google who can't wait. Celebrated futurist Ray Kurzweil, who happens to hold a director of engineering title at Google, insists that once we have brain implants, we'll be "godlike."

Kurzweil once explained that one of the great advantages of these implants -- for him, at least -- is that he currently struggles to come up with a joke when he sees CEO Larry Page wandering around the campus. His implant will offer him a witty thing to say.

I know he wasn't kidding, because, well, he needs a chip for him to be funny.

The Journal speculates that Musk might first want to use his company to cure brain diseases.

Moreover, perhaps we shouldn't be too concerned as he's invested a lot of money in trying to make sure that AI isn't used for nefarious purposes.

Still, Musk told Vanity Fair: "For a meaningful partial-brain interface, I think we're roughly four or five years away."

That's only a couple of years after the Oakland Raiders reach Las Vegas.

This brain-doctoring has a couple of grave dangers.

Firstly, the rich will have far more access to it. Please imagine if those who currently have money were also suddenly blessed with superior brains.

This would be end of any tiny hope civilization might still have.

The second problem, of course, is that participants would have to enjoy elective brain surgery.

How many people really want to do that?

And who knows what the surgeons might find? Especially among the rich.