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When a brand says it wants to do good, it's always worth pausing before believing.

Especially when that brand says it wants to help your children.

Somehow, though, Country Time lemonade has come up with such an enjoyable idea that you'll surely be disarmed.

Every summer, kids stand outside their houses and set up lemonade stands.

Every summer, officials with nothing better to do than annoy the young and innocent come up to these kids and tell them they're breaking the law.

Because they don't have a permit.

So Country Time lemonade decided to create something it calls Legal-Ade.

Yes, the lemonade brand will provide lawyers to fight these local busybodies and put them in their place. Which isn't your friendly neighborhood.

Ingenious, isn't it?

And a wonderful way of embracing your audience and actually giving them something they might need, while fighting the ugly face of authority.

And think how happy this will make the children, knowing that their sense of enterprise will be protected by hard-nosed lawyers.

I fear, though, that some will still muse about how much Country Time protects children.

After all, drinks such as this aren't necessarily the healthiest.

So I thought I'd see just how much of the not-so-good stuff Country Time lemonade might contain.

Well, one health website tells me that there's 9 teaspoons of sugar in every serving. 

Another offers that this is 35g of sugar. (Although there are sugar-free versions.)

That's the problem with ads. You really don't want to think about them too much.

Published on: Jun 12, 2018
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