Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Oh, great.

The Chicago Cubs won.

The goat has been removed from their backs and now they can roast it on a spit and eat it with some sautéed vegetables and fine Chicago spinach.

The lesson for all to learn is that you should always believe. You should always persist, fight to the end and never give up.


I know this is frightfully tempting.

But you won't learn much from this. After all, you've been hearing it from high school teachers and self-help books ever since you could stand up, read and smoke at the same time.

Never mind the number of times Hollywood has stuffed this notion down your throat, so that you can weep in the final act as the underdog -- the one you thought was doomed to failure -- gets the girl, wins the game or shoots the bad guy dead.

Sometimes, our underdog has to shoot the bad guy dead several times. Yes, just like the World Series.

The real lesson lies elsewhere.

As with so many useful life lessons, the truth lies in Cleveland.

Here were the Indians leading 3-1.

They won't admit it, but I'll wager you the $14 I was going to put on Donald Trump to win the election that many of the Cleveland players thought they'd won.

The mind can so easily go there. You can't blame it. It's sadly human.

Up 3-1 and two games left at home.

How could they fail?

They'd done so much with so few real stars. They'd bathed in all the teamwork and hard work notions that you've ever heard in every business book ever written.

They had the best reliever in baseball, who caused batters to contort without retort.

They had a masterful manager who pulled strings like a giddy harpist.

They lost.

Your lesson, therefore, is this: Never think you've won.

It's hard not to let your mind go there when things are going well.

It's hard not to look at the competition and believe it's beaten beyond repair, bent in despair.

But your competition has already heard the "never give up" cliché from high school teachers, self-help books and Hollywood, remember?

They've already prepared by watching Major League and so many other great movies that should have won Oscars, but didn't.

Never believe you're a winner.

Let other people call you that and you'll be just fine.

Nov 3, 2016