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America isn't working quite as it might.

The partial government shutdown is causing enormous stress among those who just want to get on with their lives.

Those who do business with the government are worried that, well, it's affecting their business.

Those who fly planes are worried that, with many essential employees -- such as air traffic controllers -- not being paid, there are significant safety concerns.

Those who work in the government are worried that they're not being paid and they have no idea when they'll go back to work.

It can, though, be even worse than that. Or, at least, more absurd.

Writer Jesse Singal tweeted the experience of a friend who happens to be a government employee.

This friend is simply one of those caught in the middle. They describe their situation like this: 

To file for unemployment, I need my last 5 pay stubs.

To access my last 5 pay stubs, I need access to my EmployeeExpress account.

To access my EmployeeExpress account, I need for it not to be deactivated.

To reactivate my EmployeeExpress account, I need access to my work Email.

To access my work Email, I need for the government not to be shutdown.

So I guess I won't be filing for unemployment.

Day 17, 1 missed paycheck with one more month of reserves to go. Fingers crossed for a relatively expedited end to this, because I'm ready to get back to work.

When shutdowns happen, it's easy to focus on the political soap opera and forget the real people leading real lives who just want to get back to work.

At least 800,000 Federal employees are affected

They just try to do their jobs every day. Yet here they are not knowing what might happen from one day to the next, and not knowing how long it might be before they get paid again.

Perhaps this employee will find a way round their macabre impasse and at least manage to file for unemployment.

I fear, though, that many might be watching all this and wondering whether there are better ways of managing political disputes than closing the government down.