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We all have our favorites from our own experience.

Soon, though, we realize that our own worst experience wasn't remotely as bad as the experiences of others.

Year after year, there are people who get on planes and decide to behave in an appalling fashion.

Today, though, I happened to encounter a truly disturbing image.

It shows someone surely destined to be a finalist in the Worst Airline Passenger of 2019 Awards.

It was Lizzie Thompson, flying in a bulkhead seat across the aisle from this specimen of manhood, who was compelled to take some pictures and post them to Twitter.

This Air France flight was from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris to LAX. The gall of this human was quite something.

He took his pants off and sat only in his boxers.

Oh, you just know there's going to be more, don't you?

Yes, he took his socks off too and rested them on the bulkhead.

This is descending into a pit of bad taste. He can't possibly have been French, can he?

Thompson said that when she alerted the Flight Attendant, they offered to move her to another seat. 

But she had the coveted bulkhead. Isn't basic decorum a priority anymore?

The dénouement was, thankfully, quite delicious. Boxerman appears to have got cold, poor dear.

So he put his trousers on, I hear you plead. No, he did not.

Instead, oh, look at this:

Just no. 

And those boxer shorts are to elegance what the Russia government is to good intentions.

Thompson said the passengers all felt a tinge of solidarity for having put up with this man's sartorial denigration.

Lately, I've become suffused with pain at recent -- and apparently new -- forms of troubling human behavior.

I still haven't quite got over the two businessmen who decided to hold a conference call at my local Starbucks. At full blast.

Yet the fact that someone thinks it's perfectly OK to take their trousers off in full view of a transatlantic flight -- and potentially expose his lack of manhood -- is just another indicator of a rotting civilization.

The real sadness, of course, is that no one seems to have told him to stop being a dolt and put his pants back on. 

Published on: Feb 18, 2019
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