Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

It's compulsory, if you're IKEA, to have something of an absurdist sense of life.

I suspect the proliferation of Scandinavian noir detective novels has only made the necessity more acute.

Who, though, can't admire the sheer free-spiritedness that spawned the meatball restaurant and furniture store's latest ad?

It's for the company's Sundvik crib. 

How can you make an ad for a crib even remotely exciting?

Why, ask readers to pee on it.

No, this isn't an encouragement to mass debasement and defacement of magazines. 

It's just a makeshift pregnancy test.

Now, being a wise marketer, IKEA knows that just asking women to urinate on a magazine ad won't necessarily make them do it.

Especially if they're reading Amelia magazine -- where the ad is running -- on a train or at the dentist's office.

Although, I suppose it's cheaper peeing on a magazine you've already bought, rather than buying a pregnancy test.

Still, there's an incentive.

If you pee on the ad and discover you're pregnant, the Sundvik crib is yours for half the price.

And your day will likely have taken a rather unexpected direction.

I do worry, though, about what happens next.

Are you then supposed to take the pee-soaked ad into your IKEA store to obtain your discount? 

Won't that be a touch messy?