Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

I've been getting the feeling lately that IKEA's products are so good that they're lasting a little too long.

So the company has had to find new ways to excite customers.

I mean, to get them to spend more money.

Recently, IKEA launched a bike. Yes, a normal-looking $700 bike that allegedly will be "a good first step to helping solve urban transportation problems."

Yes, until IKEA made a bike, bikes never existed.

Now the Swedes have come up with another revolution.

It's called the restaurant.

The idea is that it's a place you go to and they give you food to eat, ready-made.

But this time, there's a real difference.

You do the cooking.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the IKEA Dining Club.

Given that it's from IKEA, it's a DIY restaurant.

No, it doesn't come in flat-pack for you to assemble. But you do have the chance to cook for up to 20 of your closest friends in a restaurant that bears your name for one night only.

It's like Top Chef's Restaurant Wars without the pleasantly supercilious comments of Tom Colicchio and the egos in the kitchen all desperate not to pack their knives and go.

You know you'll be packing your knives and going.

"IKEA are giving the foodies, wannabe-cooks, kitchen novices and fine diners the chance to express themselves and impress their friends in a restaurant where they will have their very own sous chef and maître de," the company said in a statement.

So far, this restaurant appears to be a one-off, with a location in Shoreditch, London.

This is a place where hipsters worry that they're just not hipstery enough.

Should you be lucky enough to get a reservation, you will have a chef on hand to help you not make a complete culinary nincompoop of yourself.

You only wish that IKEA had provided someone with every delivery of some of their other products to help you not take 13 hours putting them together.

At heart, I find this restaurant idea quite brilliant, especially as you don't have to pay.

Even the alcohol is free, a dangerously generous gesture.

I imagine those who participate will have a memorable time. And of course there will also be a "Unique Shop" on hand, where you can buy mementos.

I wonder how many people will name their restaurant after their own name, their own soccer team or their children or grandmas.

And how many will be tempted to call it HAFAHONAMO, or some other very IKEA-sounding name.