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They said it would never happen.

They said it was just a fad, a passing fancy, a frippery of appeasement.

It was good for a little news, but surely not for a lot of McDonald's.

This, you see, was the McVegan burger.

It's made from 100 percent holier-than-cow ingredients, such as a soy patty and an eggless McFeast sauce.

There were even vegan fries, made in a separate cooking pot, away from tainted heathen oils.

In October, it was being tested in 5 restaurants in Tampere, Finland.

This was just a trial, you understand. Most things fail in trials.

This one, however, succeeded.

McFeast on that.

As my painfully irregular reading of Veg News tells me, McDonald's just announced that it's rolling out the McVegan Burger to all of Sweden and Finland.

"The trial in Finland in Tampere area restaurants and the positive feedback from our customers exceeded our expectation," McDonald's communications director Heli Ryhänen told VegNews. 

And somewhere, a moose hunter wept. 

Some might think that a brand like McDonald's could never get away with presenting healthy -- and especially stridently healthy -- food.

Yet I can remember many, many years ago eating at a McDonald's in Seville, Spain and thoroughly enjoying a seafood salad.

With fries, of course.

America, however, has always seemed to insist on the more unhealthy fare. I think it's because we're keen on global warming.

Ryhänen said she had no idea whether the McVegan will begin to expand across the globe. 

Franchisees tend to have a large influence on these things.

For many, though, this will represent progress, a large step in a direction that sees even the stalwarts of fast food embrace the notion of people living longer.

Who can wait for the day when McDonald's offers the Vegan McNugget?