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I've just endured a peaceful, but arduous 20-hour journey. 

So when I heard about this, I thought my jet lag was a little more severe than usual.

But, no.

It seems that an airline executive has suddenly thought to themselves: "Hmm, I wonder if we can make more even more money by taking away those fancy First Class seats?"

And so it is that Emirates is experimenting with removing First Class, in favor of as many Economy Class seats as it can squeeze into some of its Airbus A380 planes.

As Routes Online reports, on some flights between London and Dubai during the holiday season, Emirates is going to shove 615 seats onto the planes.

I've been to theaters that big.

In its planes that enjoy First Class -- you've surely enjoyed those warm in-flight showers at least once -- there are only 489 seats. 

Please imagine, then, the effect of the big squeeze.

And the downcast faces of First Class fliers who suddenly have to slum it in Business Class.

It seems these specific flights cater to Brits desperate to leave the miserable winter weather for the sunnier climes of Dubai.

Some, though, might worry whether this will adversely effect Emirates' image as, well, the one Jennifer Aniston prefers to fly.

After all, when you've presented yourself as fancy, it can be hard to see you wearing the soiled sweatpants in which you waft about the house.

I contacted the airline to ask what its motivation for this stunning descent might have been. I will update, should it send down word. (Update: Emirates says it is operating the flights without first-class cabins due to "increased consumer demand over the busy Christmas peak season.")

To see Emirates joining in with the process so deftly known in the airline industry as densification, is to see yet one more example of a drift toward the basement.

United is the latest to manhandle ten seats across the Economy Class of its 777-200 planes.

Some say fares are inexorably going down. Some don't think this will be so.

The mere thought, however, that some passengers won't be able to indulge in frightful excesses up front -- while others suffer in the rear -- might engender the odd smile or two among the Economy dwellers.

Everyone's looking for a little more equality, aren't they?

Clarification: The Emirates flights without a first-class cabin are running only through the holiday season.

Updated on 11/1 to include a response from Emirates.