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You, no doubt, have your own personal favorite.

Well, when I say favorite, I mean passenger you've most wanted arrested for their thoughtless behavior.

There are those who put their feet up on the tray table. 

There are those who take off their shoes and socks and give themselves a pedicure.

But for sheer mindless, thoughtless, heartless, self-centered asininity, it's hard to beat the parent who encouraged their child to graffiti all three seatbacks in front of them.

A video posted to the famed Passenger Sharing Instagram account, shows a parent holding their child on their lap and encouraging them to draw all over the tray tables.

The encouragement goes so far that the parent actually holds the crayon with the child and helps them with the daubing.

What sort of parent does this?

What sort of human being?

Airlines employees are sometimes criticized for their heartless actions. Airline customer service isn't what it used to be, many travelers insist.

It's worth, though, considering some of the passengers with whom they have to deal.

Not merely the inebriated and irritable, but the downright offensive.

They seem to believe that they've paid their money, so they can do whatever they like.

And how, as a Flight Attendant, do you walk up to the passengers and whisper: "Dearest Parent. Seriously?"

It's unclear where this particular action was filmed, though it looks like an Airbus. 

Please imagine, though, the reaction of cabin crew and/or cleaners when confronted with this mess.

Naturally, some commenters on Passenger Shaming had their own views of modern flying parents.


They also bring stickers, play-doh, and something new I've seen recently, sponge shapes. Just wet them with a cup of water from your friendly flight attendant, and the sponges turn very slimy and stick to trays, windows and walls.

Aaah, that's nice.