Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. 

Everyone's trying to help you. 

At least, that's how it seems with the number of self-help books out there.

Which ones, though, truly understand you?

And which ones should really be entitled How I Became Rich and Successful (I Hope It Works For You, But I'm Trying To Make Some More Money Here)?

Perhaps, then, you should shake off these traditionalists and turn to someone who knows success, but has seen his share of, well, eccentric digressions. 

Kanye West.

The all-around fashion designer, rapper and famous person has recently returned to Twitter to offer some philosophical thoughts. Many philosophical thoughts.

You see, he claims to be writing a philosophy book and, really, why shouldn't he?

Moreover, looking at some of these tweets, the book might actually be stimulating.

It will be about life. And certainly about business, capitalism and careers.

For example, this about capitalism and its limited worth.

Or this. It might just the best career advice you've ever had.

How many times is the price of a job the subjugation of your own ideas for those of, oh, your boss or the company founder? Sometimes, ideas are suppressed subtly. Sometimes, it's all too obvious. 

Too many people go through too many corporate years and then think: "Why didn't I leave and follow my ideas, as opposed to theirs?"

How about this, which is about relationships, of course, but also surely about office politics.

Next time you feel someone playing you, think about what might be scaring them.

Then there's this thought about what to do when you wake up.

It's certainly one way to approach the dawn of the day. 

Let's also think about our sheep-like qualities and how to fight them.

This one's a little optimistic, but touches on how competition can consume us -- very much for the worse.

He does sink occasionally into a little worn cliché. It's hard writing a self-help book, you know.

But here's a sad reality to which we all sink far too often. (And, I suspect, Kanye has on occasion.)

And finally, a truth that should be everyone's guiding light.

It should be some book, this.

I can only hope that Kanye will turn up to a few business conferences and sprinkle some of his philosophy on the attendees.