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United Airlines must be wishing for the dog days of summer.

As for spring, the dogs have had their day for now.

The airline today decided that it was going to pause its flying of dogs in the cargo hold because, well, it wants to get it right.

Finally. At last. It hopes.

This has been something of a torrid tale.

United is responsible for 75 percent of all animal deaths in flight

I'm astonished PETA hasn't already done an ad about it, featuring a United executive being dragged down the aisle of a rescue home.

Last week, though, things drifted from careless to painful.

Three dogs went in wrong directions. In one case, dogs were sent to Japan and Kansas City -- except each dog to the wrong destination.

In the other case, a flight had to be diverted because there was a dog on it. A dog that shouldn't have been there, that is.

And then there was the sad tale of the Flight Attendant who forced a passenger to put a carrier into the overhead bin. The carrier had a dog in it. The dog died.

I asked United whether it had been the close proximity of these incidents that had caused the airline to have a Dog Pause.

I'll update, should I hear. 

The airline offered me this statement: "We are conducting a thorough and systematic review of our program for pets that travel in the cargo compartment to make improvements that will ensure the best possible experience for our customers and their pets."

Some might translate this as: "Lordy, this thing is such a mess and has been for some time. We really, really are fed up of the bad publicity."

The airline said it's going to be partnering with "independent experts in pet safety, comfort and travel."

United will honor existing pet reservations. Be extra careful if you're flying to Kansas. Or Japan. Pets can still fly with their passengers in the cabin.

For United, this isn't the first pause of late.

It also paused to reconsider taking away most of its employees' bonuses and replacing them with a lottery in which there would be very few winners.

I do hope, though, that the airline doesn't come back with a new PetSafe scheme in which pets fly in different classes of cargo.

Can you imagine sending your pet off in Basic Economy Cargo? It would never forgive you.

Published on: Mar 20, 2018
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