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When does a difficulty become a debacle?

And when does a debacle become a full-blown PR nightmare?

I plunge these philosophical depths because, it seems, KFC is still struggling to provide, well, chicken for its UK and Irish customers.

Should you have been uncannily buried in your gold-paneled panic chamber for the last couple of days, you may not know that the Colonel's troops changed their distribution network.

To one, I suspect, that cost it less money.

Of course, this is a business embarrassment. 

Of course, KFC made it worse by making jokes about it on its Twitter feed. 

This is a vast, first-world problem, one that has moralists clucking in horror.

But what about the customers? Does KFC have any idea how much they're suffering?

In order to help KFC along its way toward humility, ITV interviewed one customer who fully expressed the pain. And the anger.

There's so much to learn here.

Sometimes, customers don't look sad. They simply don't come back to your business if you let them down so severely.

It gets worse when yours is a business where the customers can see your employees going about their business and seeming not to care.

"Look at them. They're just chillin'. They're happy," observes the little girl.

Don't they realize, the little girl says that "we're mad with them"?

Sometimes, service businesses don't. They just assume the customers will come back after a monstrous snafu.

Especially if we're talking about, say, airlines.

In this case, KFC blamed "teething problems" with its logistics systems.

This little girl can tell you about teething problems, KFC. You don't have teething problems.

You have one, enormous mess.

And, right now, you need to listen to this little girl.

Before she decides that Chicken McNuggets are just as good. And, more importantly, actually present at McDonald's. 

Published on: Feb 21, 2018
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