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You love them.

You really love them.

You love them so uncontrollably that you'll support anything they do.

That's the mentality of, at least, some brands.

What, then, might those who love, nay worship, KFC think of its latest attempt to garner even more love?

I'm sorry, I mean garner even more money.

You see, the speedy chicken brand wants to bring more love into your life and it wants you to pay for its creation.

Slip onto Indiegogo and you'll see something called the KFC Innovations Lab.

Here's how KFC is selling it.

These are things you've clearly always wanted. 

A location-tracking necktie, just like the one worn by Colonel Sanders.

How about a cane that changes TV channels?

Then there's the apogee of taste. A hot tub that looks like a KFC bucket.

Now of course this is all a joke.

It's there to for you to perform the most modern of tasks: like and share.

Or is it? 

Could it be that someone in the KFC marketing department thought this was a wonderfully inexpensive way of creating [pauses to reach for his marketing nonsense handbook] customer engagement and social buzz?

Reaction on Twitter wasn't entirely laudatory.


i thought for sure this was a joke. a subsidiary of a fortune 500 company asking people for money... and running an expensive ad campaign for a crowdfunding page... how did no one on your marketing team think this was stupid?

And then there was: 

It's called 'INDIE'gogo for a reason, not so some corporation can use it to deepen their pockets.

One can just imagine someone at KFC creating this idea and licking their fingers in anticipation of buckets of lucre rolling into headquarters.

I feel pain, therefore, to report that for the hot tub, which would cost $13,311, there hasn't been an overheated market.

Currently, the pledged total is $225.